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Renovating Restaurants With Restaurant Furniture

Although most people are concerned about the food at a restaurant, the atmosphere and the interior design play a huge role in garnering customers. Whether you need to renovate because of a kitchen fire or disaster or are just looking to change the look of your restaurant, there are several ways you can create an inviting space.Before you even begin to think about paint color or new restaurant chairs, you first need to set a budget. Are you just renovating the inside or are you doing the exterior as well? What is the timeline for the completion of this renovation? If the budget is small, then stay with smaller cosmetic changes like new restaurant furniture, paint, and decor. Remember that if you want new appliances, this can eat up a big chunk of your budget. Changing the floor plan is going to cost even more money and can take quite a lot of time. Decide whether you can allot a specific time for renovations or if you need to completely shut down your restaurant for several weeks or more. If you need to shut down, you need to be able to support both yourself and the staff.It’s best to hire a design consultant and/or architect to help you with the design. When it comes to the interior design, think about the mood you wish to set. How do you want people to feel when they eat at your restaurant? Is it a tiny Italian bistro or modern American chic? The restaurant furniture, paint, and decor need to match this theme. If you have a tiny bistro, then you should have bistro tables and chairs. Modern design will have straight lines and minimalistic furniture. Remember, it’s not just about looks. It’s also about comfort for your customers. Choose appealing colors for the walls. You don’t want everything to be bold and bright. Instead, accent with brighter colors.Choose restaurant furniture that is durable and long lasting. You don’t want to be renovating in another year. If changing the floor tile, choose a material that can withstand spills and dropped plates. Lighting is key to setting the mood. You want customers to be able to read the menu, but you don’t want to blind them with fluorescent lighting. Chandeliers and wall sconces will create a cozy atmosphere, while recessed lighting is much more modern. Most restaurants set candles at each table, just don’t use scented.Lastly, choose new tablecloths and dishes. Again, these should fit the style of the restaurant furniture. Modern furniture and decor means simple white square plates. Add wall art and sculptures to tie it all together. Just think of your restaurant as a larger version of your house. You want people to feel at home, while still providing them with a sense of escapism.