Internet Advertising – What Are My Choices And How Do I Choose?

Internet advertising or web advertising is a great choice for reaching consumers when:Your web site is not yet in a good position on search engines
You need additional sales
You have targeted promotions
You are in a competitive nicheIt is often used by new companies and has the advantage of being nearly instantaneous.There are many forms and advertising channels that can be used. They include:
Banner Advertising
Pay Per Click PPC
Advertising NetworksAs with all forms of advertising it is important to determine it’s effectiveness. This is often done by measuring the Rate of Return ROI. More simply if you spend £1 Do you make a profit (return) on the investment. Whilst anyone can do internet advertising, the good businesses optimise their returns. They will run many trials, tracking the results of the variants used. From simple comparison of two advert texts through to multi variant experiments they will optimise their adverts.The online channels include:
Search engine content
Placement on highly visited web sites
EmailThe last choice Email can range from spamming people or to the development and use of a company mailing list. This allows advertising to blend with marketing and developing a close relationship with your customers, allowing targeted adverts and offers.With approximately 250 million web sites where you can advertise? How do I choose which ones I should advertise on? Put your customer and potential customer hat on. Which web sites will they go to for information or related products. You may even be able to do a deal direct with the website owner if they are in a complementary market segment.When people think of web advertising they think of adverts on Google. You only pay when they click on your advert, from about 20cents up to $10 or more depending on the product. It has the advantage you can place very specific adverts for specific searches. You must ensure the advert is clear, so those that click on it are likely to buy your product. As every click costs you, you do not want window shoppers, but those specifically targeting the service you offer. Less clicks, but ones with a high percentage who buy is what you want.Social Network advertising can appear to be cheaper, however unless your adverts are very well targeted, you may struggle with conversions. It could be a good route for those wanting to develop brand awareness. Social Networks have their place, but pay per click advertising there has some issues.One of the most targeted advertising routes is to use specialist membership sites and forums. You will reach influencers or people that may be asked about your products. A great place to launch top of the range type products as you will find “early adopters” there.With all advertising routes, test, test and continue to test and analyse your results. Optimising your adverts can make an order of difference to the results per dollar achieved.In all cases with advertising, there is no right answer, ask ten internet advertisers for their advice and you will get different thoughts and plans. They are expert in their field, you in yours, the great results are when the two develop a joint plan which is well implemented. I hope it goes well for you.

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